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"World's most powerful laptop" boasts a 24 GB GPU

At IFA this week, Asus unveiled the world's most powerful laptop, the ProArt StudioBook One.

For people who are just browsing the web, writing documents and checking email, any old laptop will basically be enough. But data scientists, professional animators and engineers might need a little more grunt under the hood. At IFA 2019 this week, Asus unveiled the most graphically-powerful laptop ever – the ProArt StudioBook One, boasting a frankly ridiculous 24 GB GPU.

That power come from a mobile version of Nvidia’s Quadro RTX 6000, the desktop versions of which were unveiled at SIGGRAPH last year. Built on the Turing architecture, the main gimmick of this GPU is real-time ray tracing, which is claimed to trace the path of light through virtual scenes and produce realistic reflection, refraction and scattering.

With 24 GB of this graphical grunt, that makes the ProArt StudioBook One the most powerful laptop around by quite a wide margin. The runner-up title also belongs to Nvidia, with laptops packing the 16 GB Quadro RTX 5000 which came out earlier this year...

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