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We make a full time living on the internet designing and developing websites that attract and arouse interest whilst creating a desire to take action.

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In this day and age, people are cynical and skeptical when it comes to having a web presence. You may have heard horror stories about promises made and not kept or may have even experienced this nightmare yourself. Not to mention being overcharged. This is because every second person out there claims to be a web designer/developer, yet they don't have a clue of what they are doing (yep folks, design and development is not the same thing and you need both).

At bluePoint Development we actually do know what we are doing and we're good at it too. You will never be let down, we will exceed your expectations and give you more value in the long run because we do this for a living and you are precious to us. We will not go away once your website is live, hell no, we stick with you and will also offer you our extensive internet marketing services to ensure your website is visible and remains visible, giving you a return on your investment.